AVAILABLE NOW: New Student Guidebook 2023


Employee Community

We are excited to share the New Student Guidebook for incoming Confederation College students. This all-in-one guide was designed to ease the transition from high school/workplace to college life. By distributing this towards the end of the recruitment cycle we hope to create excitement and a sense of community before a student arrives on campus. Once students arrive on campus they will then receive a copy of the SUCCI Daytimer which expands on Guidebook information in detail and contains an agenda for personal use.


The New Student Guidebook will be digitally distributed to all incoming students next week and will be available on our website. Not only is this a great resource for students but also functions as a quick reference guide for staff. Please have a look through!  We encourage faculty to post this resource in Blackboard for students to access. If you have any questions or concerns please contact [email protected]