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Update on International Study Permit Policies by IRCC



On January 22, 2024, the Government of Canada announced a major update on policies concerning international students. The update includes a temporary cap on the number of international study permits issued for the next two years and the requirement for a 'Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL)' for new study permit applications.



We deeply value the significant contributions made by international students to our community, enriching both our college and the broader northwestern Ontario region. Their presence enhances the cultural diversity of our college and helps foster a vibrant and inclusive environment. 

We will continue to warmly welcome international students to Confederation College. We ask for your patience and continued support through this turbulent time and we will update you as we receive more information.


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(Last updated: April 3, 2024)

Confederation College is proud to be a public funded Designated Learning Institute (DLI). 

No, this policy does not affect an international student's ability to work while they study. 

International students currently enrolled in Confederation College programs are not affected. 

Graduates from the Confederation College's degree, diploma, advanced diploma, certificate, and postgraduate programs are eligible to apply for Canadian Post-Graduate Work Permits (PGWP). 

The length of PGWPs for graduates of programs will continue to align with the length of the study program, to a maximum of 3 years.


We recommend that all students continue their enrolment process and make a payment to confirm their seat in the program.  

For the step-by-step application process, visit our page

Having a visa is terrific news! Currently, it would be best if you continue planning your journey to Canada and getting ready to start classes.

If you plan on reapplying, please note: any new applicant after January 22, 2024, will need a PAL to apply for their study permit.

You do not need a PAL if:

  • you are a current student applying for a study permit extension. 
  • you have applied for a study permit before January 22, 2024.

Any new applicant, after January 22, will need a PAL to apply for their study permit. 


Confederation College is requesting PALs on behalf of all our future students whose fee payment has been received in full, on time, and as specified in their LOA. You do not need to do anything extra in this regard. 

Your PAL will be uploaded to your file in the application portal. You will receive an email notifying you of the same.

For the step-by-step application process and details on PAL, visit our page

Who is eligible:

Spouses and common-law partners of international students seeking to extend their existing work permit will continue to be eligible.

Who will not be eligible:

Spouses and common-law partners of new international students in college-level programs will no longer be eligible for an open work permit.