Library Staff

Library Staff


Dayna DeBenedet, Library Manager

Liaison for School of Health


Contact for Health resources, copyright inquiries, and library policy/operations inquiries

Avatar of Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker, Library Systems Officer

Liaison for School of Business, Hospitality, and Media Arts


Contact for Business resources, issues with databases, e-resources, and program guides

Avatar of Hayden Veillieux

Hayden Veillieux, Acquisitions and Cataloguing


Contact for questions about the library collection

Avatar of Arlene Danyleyko

Arlene Danyleyko, Marketing and Outreach

Liaison for School of Community Services, Negahneewin, and Distance Education


Contact for Community Services resources, and library marketing/outreach initiatives


Lee Vollum, Library Technician

Liaison for Engineering, Trades, Technology, and Aviation


Contact for ETTA resources, the equipment collection, and accessible formats

Avatar of Callen Retter

Callen Retter, Library Technician

(807)475-6558 or main desk (807)475-6219

Contact for interlibrary loans, reserves, eReserves, and circulation inquiries