Mechanical Engineering Technician


Ontario College Diploma

Area Of Interest

Engineering Technology


2 years

Program Code



Thunder Bay


Start Dates & Ontario Colleges Program Codes:
Fall Start (September): 0381

Build It. Fix It. Maintain It.

Is your goal to find employment in the rapidly expanding technological industry? Are you mechanically inclined?

Industry is experiencing a rapidly growing need for the expertise provided by the Mechanical Engineering Technician program. This two-year program of study will develop highly skilled personnel capable of meeting the constantly changing demands brought on by advancing technologies.

The program design is broad based, meeting the basic outcomes particular to the Millwright, Machinist, and Steam Fitter trades, while meeting the additional requirements associated with an academic program presented at the Technician level. An optional co-op placement in industry will be an integral part of the program, giving you hands-on experience above and beyond what traditional classroom instruction and laboratories can provide.


Top Highlights

  • Balance of practical and coursework – you might be getting your hands dirty with a wrench one day, then be designing with CAD the next!
  • One optional Co-op gives you a work experience in the field
  • Prepares you for further apprenticeship learning in a variety of trades


Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. complete all work in compliance with current legislation, standards, regulations and guidelines.
  2. apply quality control and quality assurance procedures to meet organizational standards and requirements.
  3. comply with current health and safety legislation, as well as organizational practices and procedures.
  4. apply sustainability best practices in workplaces.
  5. use current and emerging technologies to support the implementation of mechanical engineering projects.
  6. analyze and solve mechanical problems by applying mathematics and fundamentals of mechanical engineering.
  7. interpret, prepare and modify mechanical engineering drawings and other related technical documents.
  8. contribute to the design and the analysis of mechanical components, processes and systems applying fundamentals of mechanical engineering.
  9. manufacture, assemble, maintain and repair mechanical components according to required specifications.
  10. verify the specifications of materials, processes and operations to support the design and production of mechanical components.
  11. contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects.
  12. develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance.

I am about to graduate from the Mechanical Engineering Technician program and I am excited. I still remember that day when I made a decision to go to...
Chirag from India

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program go on to a variety of positions including apprenticeship in millwright, Machinist, steam fitter trades, design drafting, mechanical sales, production operations and hydraulics servicing. 

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Ten Indigenous graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program now have the opportunity for possible employment as a millwright at Resolute Forest Products.

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Program Coordinator
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