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415A Cook and 415B Assistant Cook


All students enrolled in Culinary Management will obtain the in-school outcomes upon graduation. This means that all on-the-job training competencies are the only segment needed for eligibility to write a Certification of Apprenticeship Exam (Red Seal - Inter-provincial Standards Certification). Culinary Management students need to register as apprentices. Confederation College has a support committee to act as a sponsor during their time at school.

Cook Apprentices from the industry can obtain the required in-school training through our "day release" scheduling. Apprentices can attend classes for basic or advanced level on a part-time basis. Class schedules will be 1-3 days part-time ranging from 9 to 17 hours total each week. Apprentices will even have options of when they can attend certain classes.


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What is Apprenticeship?

It is a hands-on training program for people who want training in skilled trades or occupations. About 90% of apprenticeship involves on-the-job training with your employer. The remainder involves related in-class training.


Learning Outcomes

  • Practical Skills: Emphasis on culinary techniques, kitchen management, and application of business principles in culinary settings.
  • Theoretical Knowledge: Foundational knowledge in sanitation, nutrition, and food theory, with advanced learning in business development and management.
  • Industry Readiness: Preparation for roles like sous-chefs, kitchen managers, chefs, and food and beverage managers.

Course Duration and Hours

  • Theory and Practical Hours: The program includes a balanced mix of theoretical and practical hours, ensuring well-rounded skill development.
  • Flexibility in Learning: The course structure allows for adaptable learning schedules, catering to the needs of apprentices.

Cook Apprenticeship Fees

The Cook Apprenticeship program offers a unique opportunity for culinary aspirants. The program fee for Level 1 is $600.00. Notably, this program stands out as it is exempt from the $75.00 workbook/print materials fee, distinguishing it from other apprenticeship programs.

Please note that prices are subject to change and should be verified for the most current information.

Employment Opportunities

The Cook Apprenticeship Program at Confederation College offers a variety of employment opportunities in the culinary field. Graduates of this program are well-equipped to pursue careers in various settings, thanks to their comprehensive training in both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Here are some of the key employment opportunities for program graduates:

  1. Restaurant Chef: Preparing and cooking complete meals or individual dishes, managing kitchen staff, and ensuring quality of food in a restaurant setting.

  2. Sous Chef: Assisting the head chef in all aspects of kitchen management, including menu planning, inventory management, and supervising kitchen staff.

  3. Catering Chef: Specializing in preparing food for events and large gatherings, often involving menu customization and collaborative planning with clients.

  4. Food and Beverage Manager: Overseeing the food and beverage operations within establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts, including menu planning, staff management, and budgeting.

  5. Kitchen Manager: Managing the overall operations of the kitchen, including staff supervision, ensuring food safety standards, and menu development.

  6. Institutional Cook: Working in environments such as schools, hospitals, and care facilities, focusing on large-scale meal preparation with attention to nutritional requirements and dietary restrictions.

  7. Personal Chef: Providing customized meal preparation services for individuals or families, often involving tailored menu planning and in-home cooking.

  8. Food Stylist: Combining culinary skills and artistic flair to prepare food for photography, advertising, or film, ensuring that meals look aesthetically pleasing and appetizing.

  9. Food Product Development Chef: Working in the food manufacturing industry to develop new food products, focusing on flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

  10. Food Service Entrepreneur: Leveraging culinary skills and business knowledge to start and manage their own food-related business, such as a restaurant, café, or food truck.

This program's emphasis on practical skills, kitchen management, and application of business principles in culinary settings prepares students not only for traditional chef roles but also for diverse opportunities in the food and beverage industry. The evolving curriculum, which includes modern culinary techniques and business management skills, ensures that graduates are ready to meet the current demands of the culinary sector.

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