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Get Your Grade 12 Equivalency and Open New Doors

Can’t get into college because you don’t have your high school diploma? Is it hard to find a job because you need your Grade 12? Get your Grade 12 equivalency and open new doors!

Confederation College’s Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) program can help. This certificate gives you an Ontario Grade 12 equivalency diploma to apply for college and some universities (including Lakehead University), as well as apprenticeship programs.

Many employers also accept the ACE Certificate in place of a high school diploma, so you can apply for jobs that require a Grade 12. Courses include ACE Math, ACE Communications and a choice of two others from a list including biology, chemistry, physics and computers.

Upgrade your skills, gain a well-rounded education, find a better job, apply for college or become an apprentice; there are many pathways no matter what your dream may be.

Top Highlights

  • Learn in an adult atmosphere
  • Learn at your own pace – schedule school around your busy life
  • Courses are available all year during days, evenings, and online through Distance Education
  • FREE! – Costs are 100% funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities – Employment Ontario
  • Subsidies are also available for transportation, childcare & other barriers to education


Jolene Sprenkle was recognized for earning her full ACE certificate. Sprenkle dropped out of high school at a fairly young age to work full-time and...
Jolene Sprenkle - Backgrounder
I used to be a student in high school who didn’t care about my grades. I needed a change and needed to get my life together. I tried this program and...
Miranda Lingenfelter
I felt like a kid full of curiosity, discovery, just so excited and happy. I met with students from diverse backgrounds who were in the same position...
Judith Angela Mishibinijima
Having been out of school for 32 years, I felt lost. I entered the Academic Upgrading program in order to complete high school and gain entry into...
Glenda Foster

Judy Barton (she/her)

Program Coordinator - Thunder Bay
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