Spring Into Summer Results & Thank You



Greenstone (Longlac)
Lake of the Woods (Kenora)

Spring Into Summer is complete! Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, focused on your personal wellness and perhaps met new colleagues or learned something new about familiar ones. If you missed it, you can review some of the fun on our Hope, Happiness and Highlights for Employees Facebook Group. A very special thanks to Tanya Belisle for her leadership in preparing and managing the challenges!

And now for the results. 13 teams got moving, socializing and perhaps engaging in some friendly competition. No matter what your score, it was all about the wellness and the fun!

1Team 11 - Serena Dykstra, Sharon Hollinsworth, Troy Mangatal, Ashleigh Quarrell27,700
2Team 5 (Buttercups) - Chris Paci, Miriam Wall, Bhavya Gokani, Emily Willson 26,100
3Team 7 (Upgrade Your Life) - Judy Barton, Rose Hankkio, Jami Clouthier, Novia Susanti-Klos23,500
4Team 13 - Trevor Warren, Derek Jennings, Drew Ezack, Maria Cole23,200
5Team 6 - Jodie Perrault, Sue Skedgel, Diane Genereux, Nick Parry 20,300
6Team 10 (The Blossoms) - Leanna Marshall, Deb Seidel, Tiffany Miller, Barbara Benwell17,900
7Team 8 (TKKD) - Kim Gosselin, Dayna McCaul, Kathleen Lynch, Tony Wood14,240
8Team 3 (Sleepy G's) - Jaclyn Da Silva, Daniella Trevisanutto, Amy Fodchuk, Heather Johnson14,000
9Team 2 - Sherrie Clement, Jolene Pugliese, Donna Roy, Shaina Akis13,500
10Team 12 - Tanya Belisle, Lesley Dell, Raquel Glavish, Mandy Wright12,700
11Team 2 (Registration Renegades) - Madeline Youmans, April Silva, Owen Smith, Steve Lawson4,800
12Team 4 - Katherine Brooks, Riley Burton, Sandra Turner, Jamie Bishop1,700

Kudos to non-scoring participants whose submissions we're sure just got lost in the mail...Team 9 - Victoria Bowen, Cathy Maydo, Lisa Jack and Anna Morrone. Honourable mention goes to three individuals who rocked it in their individual points totals: Troy Mangatal (Team 11) with 11,000 points, Chris Paci (Team 5) with 8,800 points and Maria Cole (Team 13) with 8,300 points. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team (Team 11) along with the two individual high scorers from other teams. Prize winners will be contacted with details the week of July 12th.  

Have a safe, healthy and wonderful summer everyone!

-Employee Engagement and Wellness Committee