MRT Program Maintains Accredited Status


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Pour the champagne because the result is in… the Medical Radiation Technology (MRT) program passed accreditation!

The accreditation process required an intense review of all program processes to ensure accountability and quality in health care education.  It included a complete program self-assessment as well as a site visit and meetings with all program stakeholders. Five major requirements with a subset of criteria had to be evidenced and passed to achieve an accredited status. Those requirements are:

  1. The program enables students to attain the competencies specified in the national competency profile for the profession.
  2.  The program supports the students' educational interests and protects their rights.
  3. The program's resources are adequate to support student learning and attainment of the required competencies.
  4. The program is managed effectively and its structure facilitates student education throughout the program.
  5. The program's evaluation process results in continuous quality improvement.


Many thanks to the MRT faculty, clinical partners, MRT students and management for their role in supporting the quality of our MRT program and their assistance in achieving our accredited status! Cheers!


Author: N.Hodder, MRT coordinator