Congratulations, Wendy Landry


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Congratulations to our Vice President, Indigenous Leadership, Partnerships and Strategies, Wendy Landry, on receiving recognition from the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC). Wendy has received FPAC’s Forest Community Champion award alongside Senator Colin Deacon. 


In addition to her role at the college, Wendy serves as President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipalities Association (NOMA) and Mayor of Shuniah. Her recognition of sustainable forest management and its vital role in the environment, society, and economy of her community and region perfectly highlights her dedication to her constituents and the natural world in which they live and work. Her pride in her heritage drives her advocacy for Indigenous communities, businesses, and individuals to play pivotal roles in the forest economy. With an impressive track record of amplifying local perspectives, Landry continues to ensure that municipal and Indigenous viewpoints are duly recognized by federal and provincial authorities.


Way to go, Wendy! 

FPAC award