College Move to 10-Digit Dialing Coming Thurs. Nov. 2nd


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To All College Employees:

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has mandated that all telephony service providers (including the College’s telephone service provider – Tbaytel) convert from 7 to 10-digit dialing for the 807-area code (i.e., 807-###-####).  This change is required to support the new national 9-8-8 emergency number for mental health and suicide prevention services in Canada. 

To comply with this mandate, Computer Services will also be configuring the College’s telephone system to work with 10-digit dialing. Computer Services will be making the change to support 10-digit dialing on Wed. Nov. 1st from 9 to 10 PM EST.  After this time, all outbound calls from the College will need to use 10-digit phone numbers (again 807-###-####).

What Does This Mean for Me?

  • Currently, when calling into the College, 10-digit dialing is already supported.
  • Effective Thurs. Nov. 2nd, all outbound calls made from the College will require 10-digit dialing (7-digit calls will no longer be supported).
  • When making local calls within the 807-area code, you will just need to dial 807 area code and then the rest of the 7-digit phone number (807-###-####).
  • Long distance calls within the 807-area code will still require you dial 1-807-###-####).
  • College outbound calls will still require you to dial ‘9’ before dialing your 10-digit destination phone number.
  • 4-digit dialing (i.e., calling extensions) within the College will still function (i.e. calling Help Desk at ext. 6488).
  • Most (if not all) local cellular/mobility service providers have already fully implemented 10-digit dialing.
  • The emergency 9-1-1 number will NOT change in any way and will still only require 3-digits.  Similarly, the College’s emergency number of 9-2-2 (when calling using College phones) will also continue to work as is.

What do I need to do to prepare for 10-digit dialing?

For Nov. 2nd 10-digit dialing changeover date:

  • Update any electronic contacts you may have to include 10-digit phone numbers (i.e. Outlook contacts, cell phone contacts).
  • Update any speed-dial lists as well as address book phone numbers on fax machines you may use.
  • Review and ensure any business forms, regular communications materials, marketing materials, website page contact info, business cards, stationary, etc. that you/your department use are up to date.
  • Update any call forwarding settings you may have setup to ensure that proper 10-digit dialing is now programmed.

For more information or questions on the College’s change to 10-digit dialing, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at [email protected] or by calling 807-475-6488.