Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILO)


Confederation College has been embedding Indigenous knowledge into curriculum since 2011 through specially developed Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILO).  The ILO were gifted to the College community by Negahneewin Council, with the intention that all students develop an understanding of Indigenous knowledge that promotes community prosperity, social justice and relationships of reconciliation.  As outlined in the Negahneewin Council 10 Year Vision (PDF file), the full implementation of seven ILO within every program at the College also affords students the opportunity to embrace their role as global citizens who demonstrate respect for a diversity of perspectives.

The Negahneewin Vision is that every student, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, will graduate with the knowledge and understanding of these seven learning outcomes:

  1. Relate principles of Indigenous knowledge to career field
  2. Analyze the impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities
  3. Explain the relationship between land and identity within Indigenous societies
  4. Compare Indigenous and Canadian perceptions of inclusion and diversity
  5. Analyze racism in relation to Indigenous peoples
  6. Generate strategies for reconciling Indigenous and Canadian relations
  7. Formulate approaches for engaging Indigenous community partners

The ILO complement the goals of the Indigenous Education Protocol developed by Colleges and Institutes Canada, and adopted by Confederation College in 2014, which recognizes that the infusion of Indigenous knowledges into curriculum will “strengthen colleges’ and institutes’ contribution to improving the lives of learners and communities” (Colleges and Institutes Canada, n/d).

Protocol for Using the Indigenous Learning Outcomes

We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise to promote Indigenous principles of education and advance reconciliation across Canada.  We ask that if you want to use these ILO or do work at your institution based on them, you reach out to have a conversation with us, as it is one of our primary goals to create communities of practice around the adoption and use of Indigenous knowledge. 

Further, we ask that if you are using these ILO, you give credit to Negahneewin Council, as they are the creators and originators of them.  Please acknowledge the contributions of the Indigenous community of Northwestern Ontario in partnership with Confederation College by placing the following image and statement on any reproductions of the ILO, the ILO chart (below) or any works based on them.

Creative Commons Licence
Indigenous Learning Outcomes by Negahneewin Council is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Further Information



To discuss the use of the ILO at your institution or to learn more about them, please contact:


Raven Linklater
Indigenous Content and Pedagogy Specialist
(807) 475-6311