Confederation College is a proud partner of Study North, a collaboration of the six northern Ontario colleges. Study North helps potential students and their families discover the benefits of learning, working and living in the north - a place we obviously think is pretty great! 

Together with Study North, we support our students to plant roots in our communities to turn our home into theirs too. Other college partners include: Cambrian College, Canadore College, Collège Boréal, Northern College and Sault College.


StayNorth is an initiative of Study North, which assists recent graduates to secure full-time employment in northern Ontario. When you’re ready to graduate from Confederation College, this is one more great resource to help you find meaningful employment in your new home community.

What Southern Ontario Folks Have to Say…

Hear what some of your own have to say about Confederation College. 

“Because it’s a small campus, you have a lot more one-on-one time with the teachers and everyone’s very supportive. When I signed up for this I didn’t even know where Fort Frances was and now I’m living there. I like working in the north. It has its challenges - there are fewer resources and everything’s a lot further apart - but those things test your mind every day so I’ve been loving it.”

Eddie Forget, Paramedic Graduate, Rainy River District (Fort Frances) Campus, 2012
Hometown of Ingersoll, ON

“Coming to Confederation College was the best decision I could have made. I didn’t expect to meet so many new people who would impact my life in such a big way. I learned a lot and was able to apply what I learned in class into real life. Now, I’m helping to run my family business and am enjoying every minute of it.” 

Aly Bell, Business – Marketing Graduate, 2015
Hometown of Warsaw, ON

“I quickly felt at home when I started at Confederation College. I live on campus, so I’m never late for class and everything I could ever need is within walking distance. When I got here I was surprised to see that Thunder Bay has a lot more wilderness inside the city than I expected and I thoroughly enjoy it. My program gives me amazing hands-on experiences and there are plenty of different clubs and activities here. I myself have gotten involved in the Performing Arts Club and have had a lot of fun. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive – I couldn’t tell you how many friends I’ve made or great experiences I’ve had!”

Aaron Bos, Mechanical Techniques Student
Hometown of Goderich, ON

“It’s so important that I give back to the College because it’s given so much to me. I always got the help I needed and found that even after graduating, my relationships stayed intact and I was still receiving support from faculty and my fellow students. If I can help anybody at the College or otherwise through the things that I’ve learned, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I think as a Confederation College graduate you have an advantage over a lot of people and it is our responsibility to lead the way in our communities and wave the Confederation flag.”

J.P. Remillard, Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology Graduate, 1989 
Hometown of Ottawa, ON

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