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Northwestern Ontario is rich in natural resources. But we need to properly manage those resources so that they are here for generations to come. Are you interested in learning how to responsibly develop our resource-based economy while protecting our forests, waterways, and land?

Through Confederation College’s Environmental Technician two-year diploma program, you will learn to effectively manage natural and man-made environments. This program will explore environmental issues and provide hands-on tools for assessing, protecting and restoring ecosystems. Best of all, you’ll learn in one of the greatest natural labs available: the ancient Boreal Forest, a rich and diverse forest ecosystem that stretches around the world. Courses cover a wide variety of related topics including natural resource measurements, surveying, soils & geomorphology, plant biology, ecology, hydrogeology and environmental legislation. 

Become part of the new generation of natural resource developers who are committed to making the environment healthier, safer and stronger!


  • Courses developed in consultation with industry and government familiar with northern Ontario and based on current cutting-edge practices
  • Program includes two optional co-op placements after the second and fourth semesters
  • Balance of class work, field study and placements for a well-rounded education
  • Transfer credits to other related college and university programs through our articulation agreements

I would encourage anybody contemplating furthering their education to go for it...

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AnnMarie Gouliquer photo

AnnMarie Gouliquer

Environmental Technician-Waste Management

I chose Confederation College because it was close to home and offered good Natur...

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Jesse Anderson

Field Environmental Technician

Employment Opportunities

Graduates pursue many different types of work in the Environmental sector. Some graduates choose to work in laboratory settings, some choose to work primarily out in the field and some choose jobs that include a combination of both. While there is a heavy emphasis on water resources in the program, you will also gain extensive experience working with terrestrial ecosystems and in industrial settings. Many graduates have found work with consulting firms that offer a wide variety of experiences increasingly in the Mining sector. Most students graduate with the Ontario Entry-Level Drinking Water Certification.

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