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Volunteer Management (NEW!) - Part-time Studies/Online


Volunteers represent an important resource for many companies and organizations. This certificate focuses on the specialized skills set of managing volunteers as opposed to employees. It offers a resume-enhancing advantage to those on a management career path in organizations with volunteer involvement, providing the latest in volunteer management and administration practices. The certificate was developed based on the standards and practices set out by the Human Resources Council of Canada and the Canadian Association of Volunteer Resources Managers (CAVR). Each course references the National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteer Resources

This certificate focuses on the specific management, research and planning tools to develop and engage a spectrum of volunteer types, including those in specific roles, age groups and levels of responsibility or commitment. You will be coached to proactively manage each cycle of the volunteer engagement, from the recruitment process to the training, development and engagement cycles to the disengagement process. Delivered online, this certificate will allow you to interact with participants from other organizations as you hone your skills as an effective manager of volunteers.

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