The Negahneewin Research Centre was launched in 2013 to forward a vision of Indigenous education whereby Indigenous knowledges, practices, and principles are respectfully shared with all learners. The Negahneewin Research Centre is the first and only college-based Indigenous education policy and research centre in Canada.
Advocacy, planning, policy, research

Our Focus

A major focus of the Centre is to identify and guide the implementation of effective ways to support Indigenous learning through the following work:

  1. Facilitate an inclusive local, regional and national dialogue on Indigenous Learning, through engagement with communities, organizations, northern institutes, and policy makers
  2. Bring exemplary practice, leadership and resources together to foster community vibrancy and development
  3. Develop evidence-based policy to support Indigenous learning at the College, and all post-secondary institutions
  4. Guide applied and action-oriented research and community-focused development in Indigenous learning
  5. Support the expansion of the College’s applied learning practices and application of Indigenous knowledge systems

Based on the history of Negahneewin College, the Centre recognizes the sacred responsibility of preserving Indigenous Knowledges, and promoting cultural frameworks of Indigenous learning that honour the intellectual traditions of Indigenous peoples, in order to ensure that education is relevant and accessible for all Indigenous peoples. This vision is shared in our day-to-day operations, as we centre our work in cultural frameworks of Indigenous learning and customary philosophies with practices of engagement and collaboration.

Our Logo CPAL Logo

The central role of Indigenous knowledge systems within Negahneewin Research Centre is reflected in our logo—the Jack Pine. The Jack Pine requires fire for regeneration. Through fire, the cones of the Jack Pine open, releasing seeds and creating a new beginning. This is symbolic of the place we find ourselves. According to an Anishinaabe prophecy our current place, the seventh fire, is a time to reclaim spiritual teachings and Indigenous knowledge. On the cusp of the eighth fire, through the use of these teachings and knowledge, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples can overcome power imbalances, and work together to create a new beginning that is respectful, balanced, and harmonious.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

Negahneewin Research Centre
P.O. Box 398
1450 Nakina Drive
Thunder Bay, Ontario  P7C 4W1

Phone: (807) 473-3820