Thunder Bay

Situated on the north shore of Lake Superior – the world’s largest freshwater lake – Thunder Bay is one of the most dynamic cities in northwestern Ontario (the western region of northern Ontario), offering an exciting mix of urban and active lifestyles. Enjoy all the conveniences of city living with easy access to some of Canada’s most epic natural surroundings.
With a population of over 108,000, Thunder Bay is a four season paradise that offers year-round indoor and outdoor activities. Residents and visitors of Thunder Bay enjoy the harmony of a city rich in wide-open green spaces, parks and wilderness – and a major centre for visual and performing arts, and culture. Balancing Aboriginal traditions and a multitude of European influences, Thunder Bay is a hub for cultural celebration in the north.
As the largest urban centre between Winnipeg and Toronto and the GTA, Thunder Bay is northwestern Ontario’s leading retail, entertainment and cultural hub. From mall shopping, big box stores and small independent boutiques, to concerts, festivals, sporting events and more - Thunder Bay’s thriving arts and entertainment scene, lively restaurants, and vibrant nightlife has plenty to keep you entertained.

Interesting Facts About Thunder Bay:

  • 2,121 Hours (305 Days) of Sunshine a Year ( )
  • 36 Outdoor Hockey Rinks and Ponds
  • 75 km of Multi-use Recreational Trails
  • 6 Food Trucks
  • 50+ Restaurants
  • 2nd Highest Ski Hill in Ontario
  • 2nd Happiest City in Canada
  • Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2009 to 2013, and Canadian Community Health Survey, 2009 to 2012.
  • 15 Daily Flights Across 3 Airlines From Toronto – Only 2 Hours
  • 1 Sleeping Giant

Northwestern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario is ruggedly unique. It’s an outdoor paradise brimming with 150,000 lakes and over 40 billion trees – part of the ancient Boreal Forest that blankets the vast Canadian Shield. It’s also a land you can get lost in: an area the size of France with just 220,000 people in friendly, independent communities from North of Superior and Lake of the Woods to Hudson and James Bays.
You’ll find some of the most stunning hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, snowmobiling, and ATVing routes in the world, right here in northwestern Ontario. The perfect place to learn, work, and live!

More Information about Northwestern Ontario: