Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) involves writing in all disciplines. WAC aims to be transformative by changing the way both teachers and students use writing in the curriculum. It is a comprehensive program that transforms the curriculum, encouraging writing to learn and learning to write in all disciplines (McLeod & Soven, 1992).

WAC at Confederation

Would you like to improve the writing of your students? Improve their learning of your lecture material? Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in your course materials? If this interests you, contact Ollie Pedersen at pedersen@confederationc.on.ca 

How does WAC work?

  • WAC faculty will meet with you to discuss ways to incorporate writing assignments into any class, small or large.
  • Help Review and tailor any of your assignments that have a writing component to help make it clearer for students and to help develop rubrics for speed and accuracy of grading.
  • Visit your class to help students get started on your writing assignments.            
  • Hold workshops on creating good writing assignments.
  • Host discussions of how to improve the writing of students in your programs. 
  • Conduct reviews of writing assignments in your departments courses to identify exactly what your students are being asked to write—and to ensure that they have access to resources on how to write (online and on-campus) (University of Alberta, WAC, 2002).

How to earn your WAC Badge for the ISW?

This semester we will be offering monthly WAC PD Sessions.

The following topics will be explored:

  • Plagiarism
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • How to evaluate Presentations
  • High stakes writing assignments
  • Low stakes writing assignments

Keep an eye on the Staff News for updates!

For more information contact Ollie Pedersen - pedersen@confederationc.on.ca