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Indigenous Services (Training & Development)

  • Organizational Development
  • Community and Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Community Based Training
  • Indigenous Sensitivity and Awareness Training
  • Indigenous Cultural Competency

Organizational Development

Confederation College will provide culturally experienced individuals with backgrounds in working with and in First Nation communities and Indigenous businesses to assist with all of your organizational development needs. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Conducting training needs analysis to ensure that the training outcomes match the performance gaps of your employees.
  • Reviewing your organizations operations to ensure effectiveness and efficiency at all levels.
  • Updating or developing operational policies and procedures

In order to be effective and efficient your organization(s) must reflect the vision, values and objectives of the organization or community. By systematically reviewing and gathering data, we can ensure that your resources support the right training at the right time.

Community and Organizational Strategic Planning

We have experienced facilitators that have conducted strategic planning for a number of First Nation communities and Indigenous organizations. Our experienced facilitators also organize planning sessions and prepare reports that truly reflect the input from your community, staff and/or group members. The facilitation relies on the culturally sensitive, organized, unbiased approach to problem solving and critical decision making. Our facilitators are experts in long range strategic planning and in organizational restructuring.

We will review or develop vision, mission or value statements with a fresh view and critical eye. We also conduct surveys or environmental scans based on the terms of reference provided by your community or organization. Data analysis and presentation of results are included in our services.

Community Based Training

We understand the financial costs and the social expenses involved in sending people out of the community for training. Community Based Training means our training programs come to you!

We offer a wide range of workforce development programs that support industry in their efforts to increase productivity. These courses could vary from management development to technical training to workforce readiness programs.

Indigenous Sensitivity and Awareness Training

“Difference does not mean division. It means the appreciation of humanity and the influence of culture in personal and professional interactions.” Using the Cultural Competence Continuum, participants will learn:

  • Cultural Sensitivity – the Emotional influences impacting individual reaction toward culture.
  • Cultural Awareness – the Mental influences individuals have regarding other cultures.
  • Cultural Training/Competence – the Physical means of moving toward congruency and moving up the Cultural Competence Continuum.
  • Cultural Immersion/Congruence – the Spiritual impact of reaching the Advanced stage of cultural competence as a person or organization.

Indigenous people are the fastest growing population in Canada. As a result there is growing opportunity and a need for business partnerships to move forward towards a new “common community”. Industry sectors are quickly changing and being forced to do business differently. This includes developing and utilizing new partnerships and workforces across the Indigenous Nations.

Indigenous Sensitivity and Awareness Training is the first step in ensure success while establishing these partnerships.

Indigenous Cultural Competency

Is a set of harmonious behaviours, attitudes and policies that form a system, agency, or professional and enable that system, agency, or professional to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

If you are a First Nation community or organization working with outside organizations, they should be working toward Indigenous Competency.

If you are an outside organization working with a First Nation community, then you should be working toward Indigenous Competency.

We have experience of Indigenous instructors and facilitators that will help your organization on the road toward Indigenous Competency.