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External Exams

The Testing Centre provides proctoring and invigilation for written and online exams for students of other colleges, universities, institutes, and organizations, outside of Confederation College. In order to book an examination time, please complete our External Examination Booking from below:

External Examination Booking Form

Individual Exams

We offer invigilation services for students needing to write midterms, final exams, and entrance exams for another college, university or institution. Please note the following:

  • External testing is offered Monday through Thursday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM;
  • Priority is given to Confederation College students;
  • We do not collect payment on behalf of another institution;
  • We cannot accommodate exams that require extensive verbal instructions to be read as this is distracting to other test-takers; and
  • All students are required to pay our fees, in addition to any fees their own institution may charge. Our fees are as follows:


Tests provided by other colleges, universities and organizations


Entrance/admission testing to other colleges and universities


Courier fees

$15.00 per shipment

The exam writer is responsible for paying the fees listed above. Fees are paid at the HUB located on the main floor of the Shuniah Building, prior to writing an exam.

How to Book

  1. Please complete the External Examination Booking form.

  2. Contact your institution and have them send your exam to the Confederation College Testing Centre. Make sure that there is enough time for your exam to be sent before your scheduled exam date. This step is the exam writer’s responsibility; the Testing Centre is not authorized to request exams on behalf of exam writers.
  3. Exam fees will be collected at the HUB, before writing your exam. You will be required show us your receipt before writing your exam. Photo ID is required.

Group Bookings

We provide invigilation services for institutions looking to book group examinations, industry or certification exams. Please note the following:

  • External testing is only offered Monday to Thursday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM;
  • We do not collect payment on behalf of another institution;
  • We will not administer exams that require verbal instructions to candidates as this will be distracting to other test-takers. If an exam requires verbal instructions a private room must be booked. Room fees are at a flat rate of $250.00, in addition to our examination fee. If an exam comes to us with verbal instructions and we were not notified of verbal instructions at the time of booking, the $250.00 fee will be applied.
  • We reserve the right to ask for exam instructions before agreeing to invigilate any exams.
  • We require a minimum of 1 days’ notice for exam cancellations. All applicable fees will be charged for less than 1 days’ notice of cancellation, as well as for students who fail to show up for their exam.
  • Candidates are monitored closely, but we do not monitor each candidate’s individual computer screen the entire session.