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Getting Involved With SUCCI

The SUCCI Board of Directors

The SUCCI Board of Directors consists of 10 elected student representatives and 6 non-voting board members who represent and govern our student organization known as SUCCI. Check out SUCCI Board information …

What does the Board Do?

Your student leaders identify the issues and concerns of the whole student body, advocate for positive change when necessary, improve on communication between students and the college and help to create activities, opportunities and ways for students to engage outside of their class time.  Bi-weekly board meetings are held to conduct the business of SUCCI, and are open to any student who wishes to observe.

Connecting With SUCCI

One of the ways we reach out and remain available to the student body is through our SUCCI Stop program.  SUCCI Stops are held in all academic buildings and are a place to bring questions, concerns, or ideas and share them directly with the SUCCI Board.  SUCCI Stops are also a spot to grab an event calendar, sign up for Campus Rec Activities, or find out what’s happening on campus.  Watch for a SUCCI Stop near you!

Want to Get Involved?

Connect with the Board at SUCCI Stops, attend SUCCI Events, apply to work on the ActionNetwork, SUCCI’s Events Team, watch for information about Elections in the Winter Semester or visit for more information.

Student Elections

The most important thing you can do for your school is get involved!  In the Winter Semester SUCCI holds an Election for positions on the Student Board of Directors, where students can run for any position that they are eligible for.

View SUCCI’s Election Policy - CLICK HERE

Student Board Positions

Please click on the positions below to view Job Description!

President (full-time position May 1st - April 30th) $36, 235 honorarium
VP External – $400/month honorarium
VP Internal $400/month honorarium
Director of Athletics – $278/month honorarium
Director of Social Events – $278/month honorarium
Director of Student Wellness and Diversity – $278/month honorarium
Senator of Aviation – $278/month honorarium
Senator of Business, Hospitality, and Media Arts $278/month honorarium
Senator of Health & Community Services $278/month honorarium 
Senator of Technology – $278/month honorarium


“Honestly, when I first started in Student Leadership I thought it would be an ‘easy job’,  which turned out to become a passion.  As a student leader, I had  exposures and opportunities that many people never get the opportunity  to experience at such a young age.  I became educated in so many aspects of the world that I would probably have never been interested in, including politics, social issues, collective agreements, as well as complicated and large budgets. I’ve had experiences such as sitting on  interview panels, speaking to large and important crowds and politicians, advocacy, fundraising, events management, human resources, motivation, running meetings, mentoring other students, conflict resolution and the list goes on and on and on.  These experiences have shaped me to be someone who I would never imagined I would be.  I have acquired confidence in myself and my work.. however this did not come as easily as it sounds.

When I started as president of SUCCI  I had no idea what I was doing.   I was quiet in meetings because I was trying to learn and soak it all in, and I wasn’t sure if I did speak, that I would even be listened to.  However, it didn’t take me very long to figure out that the College community are here for students first and WANTED to know what the students had to say.  Occasionally I was wrong, or my ideas were idealistic, however I had amazing mentors and friends who would bring me up to speed on history, or who supported me in learning at my own pace.”

Laura McFarland
President 2008-2009