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Do you have any Hobbies or Interests? Want to Start a Club?
Get involved and take charge! Organize a Club Today! Starting a club on campus has many benefits such as:
• Meeting new people  • Sharing special interests  • Club funding
• Improve student life  • Increase personal skills
For more information on starting your own club download the Club Package: Student Club Application 

Clubs on Campus​ 2018


Purpose: To provide a club for all to come and share a common interest in performing arts; use the common interest in performing arts as a way to donate to charity; Club open to all students, staff & alumni
Meetings: Sunday Afternoons and Wednesday Evenings
Room: Shuniah 351 Lecture Theatre
Club President: Joshua Mulzer | Email:  
Vice President: Clayton Ducharme | Email:
Mentor: Thomas McDonald | Email:

Social Media:


Purpose: Providing students and members of the college community a place where they can interact and play a favourite game or build an appreciation of the game for fun or competition
Meetings: Fridays at 6:30pm (occasional Saturdays)
Room: Shuniah Building | Rm. C216
Club President: Bailey DaRosa | Email:
Vice President: Colin Zarowski | Email:

Social Media:


Club Funding

SUCCI has funds available for groups of students wishing to form and participate in clubs on campus. Clubs on campus enhance student life by providing recreation, athletic, fitness, performance, cultural, social, educational opportunities. Club packages are available at the SUCCI Office. The package outlines the criteria and process to follow in order to qualify for funding. Wherever possible SUCCI will attempt to match clubs with a suitable employee or alumni mentor who shares a common interest with the purpose of the club. There are two different club packages available;

  • Sport Club Package: For sport, fitness or recreational clubs.
    Approval for these clubs will be made by the Campus Recreation Leadership Council.
    Contact:  Susan Tucker, Campus Recreation & Athletics
    Phone: (807) 475-6481 |  Email:
  • General Club Package: For all other clubs.
    Final approval for general clubs will be made by the SUCCI Board of Directors.
    Contact:  Amy Stasiewicz, Events Programmer, Social & Wellness
    Phone: (807) 473-3721  |  Email:

Classes or programs involved in fundraising for field trips, socials, graduations or academic requirements will not be considered for club funding.