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Printing (Student IT)

Printing Allocation

Each student is automatically given an allocation of $36 dollars per academic year for printing purposes.  This ‘print credit’ is tied to your College account and will allow you to print to any student network printer in a computer lab area.  The cost for printing is as follows:

  • Black & White = $0.05 cents per/page
  • Black & White (double-sided print) = $0.04 cents/page
  • Colour (single or double-sided print) = $0.40 cents/page

Printing costs are automatically deducted from a students’ available print balance each time a print job is sent. When you are out of print balance, students must purchase additional print credit at their own expense.

Purchasing Additional Print Credit

There are 3 main options for purchasing additonal print credit for your account:

  1. 24x7 online payment from your College Printing Account portal page (access instructions below). 
  2. In person at the Print Shop (Room B112, 1st floor Shuniah Bldg) using cash, cheque, credit card or Interac. Discounted bulk purchase is available at this site only:  receive $25 in credits for a $20 payment.
  3. In person at Library Circulation Desk (2nd floor Shuniah Bldg)

Student Printing Features

Student printing services have been enhanced and students now have access to new printing features such as:

  • Online purchasing of additional print credit
  • Online history of your printing activity
  • Web printing (ability to print to College printers using any device with a web browser)
  • Ability to photocopy materials using your print credit (Printshop only)

All of these features can be accessed online from your College Printing Account portal page.  To do so, please log into the College MyCampus Portal at and select the Printing icon

Printer Icon

Printing from Your Mobile Device

Student printers in major lab areas (Shuniah 3rd floor Help Desk, 1st & 2nd floor Library, and McIntyre Help Desk) have been configured to allow students to print from your own laptop or mobile device - this is called Web Printing.

Below is some information on how to use Web Printing:

Other Student Printing Services (College Printshop)

The Confederation College Print Shop (located in Rm. B112 - near Parking office on 1st  of Shuniah building on Balmoral St. side) offers the following services to students (charges may apply):

  • photocopying using your print credit
  • Poster (large format) printing
  • Colour printing & photocopying
  • Bulk printing and photocopying serivces
  • Binding Services

Be sure to stop by to see how the Printshop can help you with your printing needs!