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Meal Plans Sodexo

Meal Plans are mandatory for all students staying in Sibley Hall Residence. 


Meal Plans for the next Academic Term commencing September 2018 are as follows:

 Level One: $3,375

 Level Two: $3,800 + Receive $50 Bonus

 Level Three: $4,200 + Receive $100 Bonus


Meal Plans are geared towards the frequency you will be dining with us on campus.

For more information on Meal Plans, please contact:

Kyle Swazey
(807) 475-6378


Sodexo Dining Cards are available for any staff/faculty/students who are looking for a convenient payment method!

         *These are a Great Gift Idea - Call our office to inquire about purchasing a Dining Card! (807)475-6299*

Pre-load a Dining Card with funds for use at any of our locations on campus! Dining Cards are a great option for regular customers who don’t like to carry cash on them. It’s speeds your check-out time at the cash registers, and is a much more convenient option for our guests. Select one of our Plans below and you are also eligible for ‘Bonus Dollars’ - free spending money as a way to ’Thank You’ for being such a valued customer!

* Starter Plan ($100-$249) Receive +5% Bonus Dollars    

        Pay $100 > Receive $105

* Bronze Plan ($250-$499) Receive +7% Bonus Dollars    

        Pay $250 > Receive $267.50

* Silver Plan ($500-$999) Receive +10% Bonus Dollars    

        Pay $500 > Receive $550.00

* Gold Plan ($1000+) Receive +15% Bonus Dollars             

        Pay $1000 > Receive $1150


Sodexo Main Office - Phone: (807) 475-6299