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Winter 2018 Registration

Web Registration for Winter 2018 will open January 3rd

Web registration is the process of selecting your courses and creating your timetable. Web registration is required for all full time post-secondary students. Please note you do not have to register on opening day, however for best selection of courses it is recommended.

Your Winter tuition fees must be paid or payment arrangements made in order to web register.

If you are registering after the payment due date and tuition fees have not been paid you will be prompted for payment at the end of the web registration process and a $150 late fee will apply. Please pay tuition by the January 8th deadline date to avoid late fees. Click here for a listing of Payment Methods we accept.

Please be advised, only full-time students will web register for classes. If you want to register as a part-time student in a full-time postsecondary program please see the Modified Program Registration process below.

Web Registration for Students Continuing from the Fall Semester

*NEW - Students continuing from the Fall 2017 semester will be eligible to register without required pre-requisites. This is to support students in knowing their Winter schedule earlier and means all students who have made payment/payment arrangements by January 3rd will be eligible to register.

Once final grades are received for the Fall semester, course records for students in the Winter semester may be changed if pre-requisites were not successfully completed. Students will be advised via email if registration records have been altered.


Registration Date:

Web Registration for Winter 2018 will open January 3rd.

All students in a full-time post secondary program are required to web register. Web Registration is the process of selecting your courses and creating your timetable. You may be able to make changes to your timetable up to 10 days into the start of the fall semester.

Web Registration Instructions

To begin web registration:

  1. Log into MyCampus at
  2. Enter your Username (e.g. ‘jdoe’ – be sure to type your username in lowercase) and Password:
    Your username and student number can be found on your offer of admission.

    For new students, your password is the first letter of your first name CAPITALIZED, the first letter of your last name lower case and your 9-digit student ID number.  EXAMPLE: Student name John Doe, student number 100123456. His password would be “Jd100123456”
    For returning students, your password is whatever password you created/used last school year.
  3. If this is the first time logging into the MyCampus portal, you’ll be asked to enter in four password security questions/answers. You must complete this step before you can continue (Note: this step can be completed any time so this can be done before Registration day to help save you time). Security question passwords are case-sensitive and must be a minimum of 6 characters in length.
  4. Once you have entered and submitted your password security questions/answers, you are brought into the MyCampus portal home. Next, select “Banner SSB Information System” (icon of a black laptop) under the ‘LaunchPad’ section.
  5. Then select “Post Secondary Web Registration” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration.

IMPORTANT: Confederation College reserves the right to alter course availability as well as the right to withdraw a student from a course if the student has been unsuccessful in a prerequisite. Review your timetable prior to the start of classes.

Modified Program Registration:

The Purpose:

  1. Grant permission for daytime course registration for a student to study a program part-time;
  2. To create an individual learning plan for a student due to personal circumstances or academic standing.

The Process:

Student meets with Program Coordinator or designate to obtain permission to register into a modified program curriculum. Courses are approved by the Academic Support Officer or designate (to ensure sufficient resources) and the student will then bring the modified form to The Information Hub to be entered and for payment arrangements to be confirmed. Students are responsible for all fees incurred with courses registered through modified registration.

Modified Registration Form
Program Coordinator List