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Workforce Development

Here's where our department is moving to: 34 Cumberland Street North, Suite 400

Contact information:

Owen Smith 807-624-3356

Don Bernosky 807-624-3351

Relita Misa-Hagberg: Workforce Development Program Officer   807-624-3357

Tim Kerbashian 807-624-3353

Carol Rusak 807-624-3354

Add: Janix Cox:  Project Manager, Workforce Development,  807-624-3361

Bio: Janis began her career in nursing where she worked until being laid off in the mid-1990s which prompted a return to university. With degrees in sociology, women’s studies and education Janis then worked for non-profit and for profit businesses where she was employed both as a front-line staff member and manager. Prior to coming to the college Janis worked in areas of volunteer coordination, developmental services, seniors’ care and victim services.

Janis has been a life-long volunteer in such areas as on a board of directors for non-profit agencies, friendly visiting with seniors, respite care and most recently fostering dogs for a rescue organization.

In her spare time Janis enjoys gardening, walking her three dogs and working on her hobby farm raising chickens, turkeys and pigs.




Fax: 807-622-1662

Workforce Development includes the following departments of Confederation College:


Location & Contact Information:

General Inquiries:

Owen Smith
Phone: (807) 475-6215
Fax: (807) 473-3703 

Don Bernosky
Vice President, Workforce Development
Phone: (807) 475-6211

Tim Kerbashian
Director, Planning and Development
Phone: (807) 475-6172

Jason Ozbolt
Manager, Special Projects
Phone: (807) 475-6222

Carol Rusak
Program Manager
Phone: (807) 475-6412

Bill Gregorash
Program Manager
Phone: (807) 475-6536

Relita Misa
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
Workforce Development
Phone: (807) 473-3857

Carol Cline
Manager of Academic Upgrading
Phone: (807) 473-3774

Jeff Sampson
Phone: (807) 473-387

Louise Marcil
Compliance Manager
Phone: (807) 473-6685