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Photo Gallery (Fort Frances)

We welcome you to browse our site, which includes a photo gallery of our facility and information about programs offered at the Rainy River District Campus.  Our programs range from full-time post secondary diploma programs, full-time and part-time certificate programs, continuing education courses and other education training opportunities.

Please contact us if you require additional information about our programs or services.

Campus   Front Desk
 Rainy River District Campus    Lobby and Reception Area
Book Store   Student Lounge
 Book Store    Student Lounge
Computer Lab 1   Computer Lab 2
 Computer Lab 1    Computer Lab 2
Classroom 1   Classroom 2
 Classroom A    Classroom B
Classroom 3   Centra Classroom
 Classroom C    Centra Classroom
2 Way Video Classroom   Video Classroom
 2 Way Video Classroom    Video Classroom
E Classroom   Independant Study
 E Classroom    Independant study