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Lockdown Procedure (SAFE Campus)

The Lockdown procedure is initiated when danger is present on the college site, and the safety of students, staff and the public is threatened.


  • an active shooter is in the building

The Lockdown will be initiated by a public announcement over the Emergency Communication System.

If Lockdown becomes necessary:

  • remain where you are, unless your location is not secure; if your location is not secure, move to the nearest shelter
  • close doors, locking or barricading them when possible
  • close windows and window coverings
  • move away from doors and windows
  • remain silent; silence all devices; turn off computer screens and projectors
  • call 911 or contact Security (call 922) only if you have helpful information (e.g. location of suspect); do not make calls for information
  • lie on the floor if gunshots are heard
  • disregard fire alarms, unless there is evidence of an actual fire, or smoke/the odour of smoke is present
  • prepare to evacuate the building or to relocate to another space if your security is compromised
  • remain in place until advised by the Police

HOT TIP:    When thinking about what you need to do if a Lockdown is announced, remember the following :       

“Out of Sight. Out of Mind. Out of Harm’s Way”.