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Health and Safety Services

We are a safe and healthy learning community.

At Confederation College, we take health and safety seriously. Our Health and Safety Policy outlines your rights as a student, an employee, a patron, a client and as a visitor, to a safe and healthy learning environment.

And, you have a part to play in keeping our College community safe.

Do you have a health and safety concern? Report it to your faculty member or to a supervisor; use a Help! Phone (located at the Thunder Bay campus); or, at regional campuses and offices, report to the main office or the front desk of the facility.
For more information about health and safety concerns and the right to refuse …

Is someone injured or in medical distress? To obtain assistance and to report the occurrence, contact the main office or the front desk at regional campuses or offices; at the Thunder Bay office, help is only a call away using any Help! Phone.

More detailed information regarding accident prevention, and emergency procedures …

To view a copy of the College’s flyer, Injured at Work? Three Things to Do Right Away!, click here. (To print an accident report, log into MyCampus, and check Accident Reporting Forms.)