The Embedded Systems graduate certificate program provides electrical and electronic engineering graduates with hands-on opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills that will permit them to work effectively in embedded systems product and device development.

Topics covered range from computer software and industrial control systems to health and safety and quality assurance. The program integrates a hands-on, practical approach to learning, augmenting the theoretical knowledge that graduate engineers already have. Applied projects and lab work help prepare graduates for a technical career in embedded systems product development and related fields. The program also includes entrepreneurship and communication courses that help build the ‘softer skills’ sought by employers in the industry.

How to Apply

Domestic (Canadian) students may also apply to this program.  However, domestic students should be aware that it is offered on a full-tuition, cost recovery basis, and additional tuition fees apply. For more information please contact our Admissions Department or phone (807) 475-6213.

Tuition Fees:

  • $16,887 + $1,345 program costs (2019/20)

For more information:

China: beijing@confederationcollege.ca
India: bangalore@confederationcollege.ca
Korea: seoulkorea@confederationcollege.ca
Ukraine: ukraine@confederationcollege.ca
Vietnam: vietnam@confederationcollege.ca
All other locations: international@confederationcollege.ca

Employment Opportunities

After graduation, students may find themselves working in a variety of positions including Design Technologist, Embedded Systems Developer, Technical Support Analyst and Electrical Systems Integrator.

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