Testimonials for Michelle Lavoie-Pintar

My field placement was absolutely amazing! Great experience!

My Personal Success Highlights

I love to participate in community events that advocate for people with disabilities. I have had much success with my interests in advocating for various needs in our community. For example, I am an active member and volunteer for Autism Ontario. I am the Coordinator of Adult Services with Autism Ontario and this brings me much joy! I love what I do, making new connections is key! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! The possibilities are endless! :)

How Confederation College Has Changed My Life

Confederation College prepared me for hands-on, real-life experiences. They helped me decide and chose my program choice as well as point me in the direction that I wanted to go.

My Recollection of a Teacher Who Made a Difference, etc.

Terry Lowey the former Program Coordinator (now retired) opened my eyes to bigger and better possibilities out in the “disability world”. She has broadened my passion for this field. What a great mentor/teacher. She was always there to support and answer any questions I had!

My Job & Job Responsibilities

I am currently a full time Support Service Person (SSP) for the French School Board where I work closely with students in need of support in the school system. I also work for Avenue II as a support worker where I support adults out in the community with everyday living skills.

What Brings Me the Greatest Satisfaction From My Job

Being there for others and supporting them when in need. Making a difference in someone’s life!

How Confederation College Has Prepared Me for Work in the Field?

Hands-on placement was necessary in order for me to fully get a sense of the workforce!

My Advice for Someone Considering this Program or Career Path

It’s a life changer! You live through success everyday! You get to experience real life events and help support others with certain challenges that they may be facing.

The Most Sought-After Qualifications & Talents That Employers are Currently Seeking in this Field of Work

Be an advocate! Love to volunteer and show your interests and support in other agencies/organizations.

My Sense of the Current Job Market Conditions in my Field of Work

I believe we support workers are highly needed! Always looking for fresh minds and new opportunities!

Overall Summary

Confederation College changed my life!

Michelle Lavoie-Pintar

Graduation Year:
Job Title:
Student Support Person (SSP)
Conseil scolaire de district catholique des Aurores boréales (French School Board)
Developmental Services Worker - Accelerated