As a Student

Requirements to be Completed Before Attending Classes

  1. Students are required to obtain a certificate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and a certificate in First Aid prior to the commencement of studies.
  2. Immunization and Communicable Disease’s Form with documentation of current immunization at registration (including a two-step TB Skin Test.) To be submitted to the Health Centre prior to commencement of studies. See Health Requirements.
  3. Hepatitis B vaccination is mandatory.
  4. A recent Criminal Reference Check (Vulnerable sector) must be provided to the Program Coordinator prior to commencement of studies at the beginning of each academic year. All costs associated with police checks, testing and proof of certification are the responsibility of the applicant. The check is used by employers in this field as a screening requirement for field placement and employment. A criminal record may prevent you from participating in field placement experiences, thus blocking you from completing program requirements. A letter to bring to the Thunder Bay Police Department asking for CRC (Vulnerable Sector) can be picked up by students at the Hub.
  5. Each student is required to purchase a dental assisting kit which will be required throughout the program courses, at an approximately cost of $1000.00.

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Textbook Ordering

Textbooks (and other courseware materials) required for your program can be identified and ordered online by visiting the College Follett Bookstore website ... 


  1. Select Books > Textbooks & Course Materials
  2. Select your Term
  3. Select your Department: (enter the 2 character prefix for your course - i.e. AC)
  4. Select your Course (enter the 3 digit number of your course - i.e. 102)
  5. Select Your Code (enter the code for your section) (i.e. 1-7, 83, 84)

Completed book orders can be picked up at the College Bookstore, or alternatively they can be shipped to you for a fee.

Once you are officially "registered" into your program as a student (mid August, or late December), you can print your timetable and present it to College Follett Bookstore staff, who will assemble your textbook package for you. Or alternatively, once you are registered, you can also link directly using the Follett Discover tool in your Blackboard account (which you will be using for your courses):

  1. Sign into the Portal
  2. Launch your Blackboard application & click on Tools.
  3. Launch Follet Discover and select Purchase and choose from rentaluseddigital or new textbooks
  4. Select FREE instore pick-up, or ship directly to you.

CAUTION: textbook requirements are subject to change!
We recommend that students wait until they are officially "registered" into their program-of-study and have their official timetable, before ordering/purchasing textbooks. In addition, we recommend that students not open text book packages until after their first day of class to verify with their instructors that they have the right book and version required for the course.

If you have questions, you can phone the College Follett Bookstore at (807) 475-6225, or toll free at 1 877 295-3851.