Your Culinary Adventure Awaits

Want to turn your love of food and cooking into some serious culinary skills?

Confederation College’s Culinary Management two-year diploma program is known worldwide for one simple reason: because our chefs travel worldwide. They work in some of the best restaurants and hotels in Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and just about every major city around the globe. Some become entrepreneurs themselves, opening their own restaurants in Thunder Bay and beyond.

You’ll learn the basics of food preparation, taking your natural talent for cooking and turning it into a useable skill in courses covering  basic and advanced culinary skills, restaurant cooking, dining room service, butchery and garde manger, hospitality marketing and sales, wine and international cuisine and menu planning and design. This program also goes beyond the chopping board to cover other important aspects of the business including kitchen and restaurant management, cost control, finances and legal considerations to give you a rounded education in hospitality.

The program also incorporates placements and cooking opportunities within the college so that you can put your skills to work in real kitchens for real guests.


  • Learn the business, legal and management sides of becoming a chef
  • Hands-on learning in a variety of settings including on-campus dining facility
  • Opportunities to play an active role in special events

I took the 2 year Culinary Management program at Confederation College in 1996 an...

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Robin Willianen

Robin Willianen

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take the “Planning for Profit” class....

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Trevor Atkinson

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Culinary Management program go on to become cooks, sous chefs, chefs and supervisors at restaurants, hotels and institutions. Some also become restaurant owners themselves, taking their passion one step further to become head chefs of their own kitchen. Confederation College graduates are in hot demand because of our comprehensive and intensive program.

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