Testimonials for Juan Estrella

If you love computers, logical thinking, technology and learn different language programming, Confederation College’s Computer Programming is the perfect place.

Something Interesting I Have Learned So Far

I was introduced to the following programming languages in first semester: C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

My Experience as a Student

Every class is fun, and all the teachers give you small pieces of information, but at the end of every class, you realized that you can build something that you thought it was too hard. The teachers give you the tools, show you what is the best way to use them, and mix the tools in order to build a big program. It’s a little like building a house. In order to have a solid house that can be trusted and relied on, you must begin with preparing a solid foundation.

The Field of Work I Would Like to Get a Job in When I Graduate

Java and/or .Net developer

My Ultimate Dream Job

Any company who can challenge my skills and gave me the opportunity to learn more as a programmer.

Anything Else You Would Like to Share?

I’m from Mexico. I was working there as Turbine Supervisor in a Power Plant and I have been waiting since 2007 to come to Canada. Studying at Confederation College has surpassed my expectations. With the support of my wife Maria, along with our daughter, we don’t regret coming and investing our savings to study here and start a new stage of our life. 

Although I was working in a career geared more towards Industrial, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, I decided to take computer programming because the trend of technology is more strength in the last years. For development programmers, you have more opportunities to find a job. So that’s the reason I decided to challenge myself once again and study Computer Programming.

Juan Estrella

Graduation Year:
2018 (anticipated)
Computer Programmer