Why Choose This Program?

  1. Need: Nurses are needed everywhere.
  2. Diversity: Nurses are everywhere, hospitals, long term care, community agencies, private companies, government agencies, health centres, public health and education
  3. Opportunity for professional development: Opportunities for personal growth provided by employers to address the College of Nurses Quality Assurance and Competency Requirements. Opportunities to go on in Nursing Education in specialities - nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, researchers, educators.
  4. Salaries for nurses are competitive with other health professions. 
  5. Flexibility: Nurses can work full or part time, allowing for family and personal life. They can choose to work for one agency or a variety. E.g. some nurses work in the hospital setting part time and enjoy working in other settings such as long term care or doing home nursing. Nurses can also choose to work casual and work when they are able.
  6. Nursing as a profession.  Our philosophy of nursing balances ‘caring’ with ‘nursing knowledge’ that includes the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of nursing and includes a broad base of knowledge from the humanities and sciences. 


At the College:

  1. Our faculty have a student-centred approach - faculty know their students’ names.
  2. Teachers are accessible - faculty have an open door policy.
  3. Faculty are involved in clinical practice.  One of our faculty members has been involved in establishing a nurse practitioner clinic in Thunder Bay.
  4. Faculty have expertise in Nursing education, practice, and research.
  5. Our new REACH facility has state-of-the-art equipment and we provide innovative learning environments.
  6. Our small class sizes allow for a variety of teaching strategies.
  7. We focus on academics, critical thinking and professionalism - instilling high-practice standards.
  8. BScN graduates have limitless career possibilities including acute care, long-term care and community nursing.
  9. Our BScN program provides practice opportunities in rural and remote health care settings throughout northwestern Ontario.