Testimonials for Cory Halvorsen C.E.T.

Confederation College provided a supportive, well balanced and challenging education experience that prepared me for the work place.

My Personal Success Highlights

I have had the opportunity to work and gain experience in a variety of areas, including surveying, construction inspection, CAD, engineering design, project management, business development, staff supervision and management. Confederation College provided the training and education I needed to perform at a high level in each of these areas, allowing me to successfully progress through my career.

What Brings Me the Greatest Satisfaction From My Job

Working on projects that improve the community by providing essential services and resources.

Why I Chose Confederation College

I grew up in Thunder Bay and I was interested in doing my post-secondary education locally.

Cory Halvorsen C.E.T.

Graduation Year:
Job Title:
Manager - Parks and Open Spaces
City of Thunder Bay
Civil Engineering Technology