Don’t Just Imagine Your Future - Build It!

A Civil Engineering Technician plays a key role in the health, safety and economic well-being of our communities.

As a graduate of our two-year program, you will gain knowledge in the design, construction and operation of water, soil, geomatics, roads, railways, bridges and buildings. At Confederation College, our small class sizes mean you will get great practical hands-on experience with the latest industry-standard technologies, including Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD), Project Scheduling Software and Surveying.

If you have good math skills, a logical mind and the desire to build upon the world around you, the Civil Engineering Technician program will give you the tools you need to succeed. 


  • Training with the latest industry-standard technologies
  • Planned work placement plus optional co-op placements provide industry experience
  • Opportunity to work in a variety of fields including, but not limited to city buildings, maintenance, mining, bridges and highways, rail, specialty projects, and more - anywhere around the world!
CE125 - Construction Materials and Methods - Nuclear Density Gauge
CE125 - Construction Materials and Methods - Proctor compaction test
CE130 - Introductory Surveying
CE230 Advanced Surveying - learning on total stations
CE330 - Geomatics - surveying with GPS
CE411 - Steel Design- site visit to coastal steel's fabrication facility
CE425 - Materials Testing - Concrete Compression Test
The photo gallery includes: (CE 130) Introductory Surveying - first year fall semester, (CE 411) Structural Design Steel - Site visit to Coastal Steel’s fabrication facility, (CE 125) Construction Materials and Methods - Proctor compaction test, (CE 125) Construction Materials and Methods - Nuclear gage soils testing, (CE 425) Materials Testing - Concrete compression test, (CE 330) Geomatics - surveying with GPS

Employment Opportunities

With a work placement in second year, many students secure full-time employment at their placement organizations upon graduation. As a qualified Civil Engineering Technician, there are many career paths available to you. Graduates find employment in project planning and design, testing soils, concrete and other construction materials, cost estimating, construction inspection and supervision, contract administration, management and infrastructure maintenance, restoration and repair. Employment opportunities in this industry are available locally, regionally and around the world.

As a graduate of this program, you will find entry-level opportunities with consultants, contractors and government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. With experience, you can expect to move on to management positions within these organizations.

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