Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. You can create meaningful change in the lives of children and youth experiencing challenging life contexts by becoming a Child & Youth Care professional. 

Confederation College’s Child and Youth Care (CYC) advanced diploma program will give you the skills and knowledge needed to relate to, engage with and empower vulnerable children and their families. Through a wide range of courses including trends in child and youth care, sociology of family, youth substance use and marginalized youth and crisis experiences, you will be provided with a solid foundation to engage relationally while being developmentally responsive, trauma-sensitive and self-reflective. You will also gain a strong understanding of issues of oppression and racism, along with approaches to support healing and wellness for Indigenous youth.

An ability to foster resilience and self-advocacy with young people and their families will contribute to achieving social justice and be the cornerstone of your professional identity. Field placements will give you on-the-job training in a variety of environments.

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End Poverty Now - Chew on This campaign
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Helping at Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser for Grace Place
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  • A comprehensive, hands-on program will teach you how to effectively help youth and children in need
  • Field placements each year provide direct CYC experience with community organizations
  • You will learn about key CYC issues including oppression, marginalization, racism, healing and wellness, and crisis intervention
  • Program is directly connected with several community partners, presenting opportunities to collaborate on advocacy and social justice initiatives
  • Accelerated option is also available for those with a college diploma or university degree in certain related fields

Employment Opportunities

You will possess the advanced knowledge and skills required to work within multi-disciplinary teams, supporting vulnerable young people and their families, in the following practice contexts: school-based programs; community crisis response programs; youth criminal justice diversion and custody programs; children’s mental health residential-, family- and community-based programs; child welfare group care and case management programs; hospital-based inpatient programs; substance abuse outpatient, residential and prevention programs; Indigenous culturally-based programs and more. 

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