Graduate Learning Outcomes

The graduate will have demonstrated ability in:

  • identify and use strategies to enhance work performance and continued learning to keep pace with industry changes.
  • identify and adhere to established health and safety practices that apply to specific job sites, in accordance with current legislation and regulations.
  • perform building construction and renovation tasks in compliance with contracts, the Ontario and/or National Building Codes, applicable laws and industry’s ethical practices.
  • work in accordance with established sustainability practices.
  • communicate and collaborate with diverse clients, supervisors and tradespersons to complete projects on time and to maintain effective working relationships.
  • assist with maintaining accurate project documents and use computer technologies to support building construction and renovation projects.
  • solve on-site trade-related building and renovation problems by applying principles of basic technical mathematics and building science.
  • select, maintain and safely operate hand tools, and portable and stationary power tools, to efficiently complete building construction and renovation tasks.
  • assist with the completion of building and renovation stages, from site layout and footing to the application of interior and exterior finishes, according to specifications.
  • assist in the preparation of material estimations according to building construction and renovation project documents.


Career/Educational Opportunities

  • Entry Level Labourer
  • Postsecondary Diploma Programs
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
  • Construction Craft Worker Apprenticeship Program