Can you build it? Yes, you can!

Good with your hands, love working in the outdoors, and enjoy the challenges that building brings?

The carpentry and renovation field continues to grow in northwestern Ontario and throughout Canada. That means more jobs for fewer people – will you be one of the lucky ones to take advantage of this trend?

The carpenter is the backbone of the building industry for residential, commercial, and industrial building. Confederation College’s Carpentry & Renovation Techniques one-year certificate program will provide you with hands-on skills along with in-class learning to give you a strong background in the Carpentry and Renovation fields. The building process with construction, safety, materials, blueprint reading, estimating and masonry will provide you with the entry level knowledge you need to be successful. 


  • One-year course allows you to join the workforce faster
  • Course also covers safety standards for working on job sites
  • Combines class work with hands-on learning to improve your knowledge and skills
  • Plenty of one-on-one, personalized instruction

It was an all-around great program. I gained a lot of experience. I particularly...

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Noah Echcam


I enjoyed the program. I learned a lot. It was a good experience. I would be read...

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Garry Mathews


Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program will be able to apply for carpenter helper and labour entry jobs with the many construction and restoration companies across northwestern Ontario, where you’ll be able to build upon your skills learned and perhaps even specialize in certain areas.

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Physical Demands

Generally speaking, most jobs in the carpentry and renovation fields are physically demanding.

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