Semester 1

AC 102   Introductory Accounting I

CS 007    Persuasive Writing

HR 131    Human Resources I

MA 132    Basic Math Fundamentals

MC 155   Microsoft Office 2007 Applications

MK 114   Marketing Essentials

Semester 2

AC 220    Applied Financial Analysis

CS 220    Business Communications

HR 232   Organizational Behaviour

MK 213   Advanced Marketing

MK 420   Marketing Research

GE           General Education Elective

Semester 3

EC 312     Microeconomics

GB 317    Business Law & Ethics

MK 317    Innovative Technologies

MK 500    Integrated Marketing Communications

MK 503    Consumer Behaviour

GE           General Education Elective

Semester 4

GB 319    Social Media and Internet Marketing

EC 402    Macroeconomics

MK 261    Professional Development

MK 262    Professional Selling

MK 409    Strategic Marketing Management

GE           General Education Elective

NOTE: the course information displayed above is accurate for students that enrolled in Fall 2015. Always check with your program coordinator in case of changes.