Welcome to Confederation College and the Business Marketing  program!

Marketing is the fastest growing industry and the Business Marketing program will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. Over the next two years, will learn what makes a business or product a success. You will learn to use your creative side and how to think strategically.

If you’ve got a way with words, images, people and planning, and are plugged into what’s ‘now’, you have the right ingredients for a successful and stimulating career in marketing. Today’s marketer is challenged to create marketing strategies that will continue to find new customers as well as keep existing customers loyal to their organization. Consumers are demanding that today’s organizations incorporate social and environmental issues into their marketing strategies, which presents both new challenges as well as opportunities for us as marketers.

Our program is a very diverse and busy one. You will find yourself learning key skills as well as developing a business work ethic that will assist you in getting ready to enter this exciting field. The subjects that you will be enrolled in over the next two years are designed to give you a broad range of skills that the marketplace is looking for.

As a college we continually evaluate trends in the marketplace, and as we are accountable to our employers and communities, we ensure that you are employment ready when you complete the program. This is a program that demands that you be ready to participate and prepared to engage every step of the way

Upon graduation from this program, you are encouraged to apply your courses for advanced credit towards the Registered Professional Marketer (RPM) designated with the Canadian Institute of Marketing.  Check it out at www.professionalmarketer.org

Confederation College also has agreements in place that permit credits earned throughout this program to be transferred to programs at other colleges and universities.  Visit www.confederationc.on.ca/admissions/articulation for more information.

Erin Oner
Program Coordinator,
Business - Marketing