Testimonials for Charles Belanger

I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in  pursuing a career in business. Whether you are interested in accounting, marketing, human resources or economics, by taking this program first,  you will feel confident going forward knowing that you have a strong grasp on the basics of what ever field you choose. Not only has this program given me the confidence to start my own venture, it has also helped me on a daily basis with my own personal finances.

My Recollection of a Teacher Who Made a Difference

Professor Alain Gosselin really stood out for me during my time at Confederation College.  Alain set a new standard for me when it comes to teaching. His ability to relate what he’s teaching to normal, day-to-day situations is second to none. Also, with Alain you never have a question unanswered, or left without a proper understanding of the subject.


Charles Belanger

Business Fundamentals