Testimonials for Brittany McNee

At first, Brittany McNee didn’t exactly relish the idea of going to college. When she moved to Kenora from BC with her boyfriend three years ago, she had just finished getting her last few credits to graduate high school. But, after working entry-level jobs she wasn’t happy with, Brittany figured that maybe she’d “give it a shot”.

“I was kind of scared to try college – I wasn’t really a straight-A student in high school,” she said. “I wasn’t sure how well I’d do in college.”

Business sounded like something she might do well in, so she entered the two-year Accounting program – and boy was she right! In contrast to her high school days, Brittany graduates this June with Honours, maintaining a 3.96 GPA during the program.

Motivation was the difference she said, due in large part to the fact that she was doing something that she loved. “The accounting side of it just came easily to me,” she said. Brittany worked part time in the office at Confederation College both years, helping student council with their financial information.

The support she got from the campus staff and her instructors also helped. Brittany loved the smaller class sizes, and got to know her fellow students well. During the webinar sessions, students were encouraged to stop the lecture to ask questions.

Best of all was the result: Brittany secured a full-time job at Ontario’s Sunset Country Travel Association before she even graduated.

“It just shows what you can do if you work hard.”

Brittany McNee

Graduation Year:
Sunset Country Travel Association
Business - Accounting