Have you considered an exciting and rewarding career as an accountant?  The Business - Accounting program at Confederation College may help you achieve your goal.

This is a two-year program, structured to give you the necessary skills to carry out accounting functions in any organizational environment.  Some of the employable skills you will acquire, such as communication skills, are general in nature; other skills are specific to accounting.  You will have many opportunities to build on your analytical skills and will also develop software-specific skills. 

As an employed graduate, you can provide support for accounting activities including the maintenance of accounting records, the preparation of financial statements, and the internal controls for day-to-day operating activities.  You will be able to function at an entry-level and in more responsible positions.

There are pathways available for you to further your education on graduation from the Business - Accounting program.  A third year, in the Business Administration - Accounting program, will expand further on your skills, enabling you to handle advanced management and financial accounting situations.  Our college also has articulation agreements in place with specific universities enabling a three-year graduate to be recognized for the courses completed towards their diploma in their quest for a degree. 

If you enjoy ‘logic’ and a challenge, then invest in your future by preparing yourself for an exciting career as an accountant.

Helen Carr
Program Coordinator
Business - Accounting