Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

Top Reasons to consider Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

  1. New, Modern Facilities - our world-class facility was opened in 2003 and is located at the Thunder Bay Airport.
  2. Cleaner Work Environment - working on plane engines and components tends to be much cleaner and more comfortable (standing up) as opposed to working on automotive or truck engines and components.
  3. Aviation Synergy - since all three of our aviation programs exist in the same facility, you have a unique opportunity to get to know the people that will ultimately be designing, building, and flying the aircraft that you may be maintaining. The potential to share, learn and make connections with aviation people coming from another perspective, could prove to be a valuable experience and resource both now and down the road.
  4. Our highly skilled, experienced faculty has a deep commitment to the program, its students and their success.
  5. The Aviation Technician (Aircraft Maintenance) program is Transport Canada approved.  Upon graduation you will receive Transport Canada (TC) accreditation towards the issue of a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License.
  6. All theory courses are supported and reinforced by hands-on lab and shop classes.
  7. The program covers all the aspects of aircraft maintenance including general aviation, corporate, charter, transport category aircraft and helicopters.
  8. This program will prepare you to write the Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) examinations to qualify for an AME license.