Q. I have never worked on an aircraft or even my car. Is this the right career for me?
A. If you like working with your hands, learning how things work, you have a good foundation to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Our highly trained professors and support staff will teach you the rest.

Q. Where is the Aviation Centre of Excellence located?

A. The Aviation Centre of Excellence is located on the north side of the Thunder Bay Airport at 2003 Derek Burney Drive which is accessed off Arthur Street. 

Q. Will I get a job when I graduate?
If you do well in the program then the answer is almost definitely. There is a huge shortage of trained maintenance people in Canada, and our program has one of the highest employment records in the country. The ACE staff even assists our students in seeking employment! Virtually all of our graduates from this past year are working in aviation jobs today.

Q. How much does the program cost?
. The college registrar has the current tuition costs.

Q. Do I need tools?
Yes you will have to purchase some tools and books. speak with the program coordinator before you buy any tools. Your instructors will tell you what you need to get started.

Q. Is there a place for me to stay while I am going to school?
A. Many students rent accommodations. The college has a large residence, and meal plans are available.

Q. I don’t have a car, how can I get to school?
. The City of Thunder Bay has a good modern transit system. The bus stops directly in front of the Aviation Centre entrance every thirty minutes.

Q. How many students are in a class?
Typically there are 12 - 15 students in a shop or lab class.

Q. Are there many jobs in Canada?
The aviation industry is projecting a shortage of several thousand maintenance staff in the next few years.

Q. What are the wages like in the aircraft field?
Industry starting wages vary from region to region. Due to the rapid growth of the aviation industry over the past year, it is difficult to say exactly what you will earn as an apprentice.