Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent) with courses from the College (C), University (U), University/College (U/C), or Open (O) preparation levels with Grade 12 English (C/U) Level.
  2. or successful completion of the Mature Student Assessment.
  3. or successful completion of the General Education Development Test (GED).
  4. or appropriate credits from the Academic and Career Entrance program (ACE).

To be considered in the final selection, applicants are required to complete:

a) Category 1, Transport Canada Medical
b) Be aware that this is a seven day/week program, including a summer semester

Other Courses Required

  1. Grade 12 Mathematics for College Technology (MCT4C) or equivalent.

Other Courses Recommended

Alternative Pathways

If you do not possess the Grade 12 Mathematics for College Technology (MCT4C) course or equivalent, we recommend that you consider our Pre-Technology-Technology/Aviation program, which will provide the necessary preparation to enter a technology program.