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Confederation College has absolutely changed my life and for the best. It provided me with the skills to learn and stay focused, to be organized and to plan a better future. I credit Confederation College with the great opportunities I have had in life.

Confederation College was a great experience, the instructors, support staff and the students all contributed to a great three years. Not a day goes by where I haven’t used something I learned during my time at the College.

My daughter is finishing her 3rd year in engineering and quotes me often;
it doesn’t matter what you get … it’s what you do with it that counts.
Confederation gave me the edge to succeed and I thank those who contributed.

I chose Confederation because it was near home. I was married and wanted to stay close to family in northwestern Ontario.

College was all fun, including the studying. I used to form study groups and we would practice and drill each other the night before exams. Then after we were done … refreshments and friends. The friends I made at college have always been with me in my heart over the years, as my career progressed, and I reflect on them often wondering where they are and what they are doing.

In my job, I am responsible for introducing new technologies into North America (Canada, US and Mexico) including developing technical applications, marketing tools, training, strategies, forecasts and budgets to name a few things. I am the interface between research and development and the general application of chemistry, mechanical and computer software for a 13 billion dollar company. Our team brings new things and ideas to the world of manufacturing in all disciplined technologies.

The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is getting the idea across and seeing the younger engineers exclaim … “now I get it!”

My advice for anyone considering the Aerospace Manufacturing program is to study hard, form teams to succeed and be adaptable in your ideas and concepts … you may not always right. Also utilize the strengths and skills of others to succeed. Try to be a leader when needed and a follower when others can lead.

The qualifications most sought after by employers include: can you think and solve problems and are you adaptable and flexible in your skill sets.

I work with hundreds of people and get to travel all over North America. There hasn’t been a city that I have not been to. I have met great intellects in the industry and have gotten to mentor great young people who have gone on to be leaders in their fields. I have a great family, job and home.

I am currently sitting on my deck in North Carolina on April 2nd and its 26 C here with all the flowers blooming and birds chirping … I am enjoying some refreshments and listening to Nickelback. I was showing my son where I went to college and came across this testimonial form and figured I would provide this update.

John Bujold

John Bujold

Graduation Year:
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Team Leader Platform Launch, Print and Writing
Ashland Water Technologies, North Carolina, USA
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology