Job Prospects 

Graduates of our Aerospace Manufacturing program can expect a rewarding career with countless opportunities!

  • Earn Great Wages in the Aerospace Manufacturing industry - graduates are always in high demand, commanding some of the highest starting salaries of any program in the college.
  • High Employment Rates! Many of our graduates have jobs already lined up when they graduate. Professionals from several aerospace companies often come and interview current students right at the school!
  • Opportunities for rapid advancement. Many grads find themselves in management positions after only five years!
  • Versatile skills learned are easily transferred to other industries, such as bus, subway, and automobile manufacturing, enabling numerous possible career paths for graduates.
  • Graduate with a diploma or an advanced diploma (with optional co-op) that provides an opportunity to receive specialized training in disciplines formerly available only through an informal process of in-plant experience.
  • Developed through consultation with Canada’s leading aerospace manufacturers
  • The only program of its kind in Canada!
  • Flexibility - credits are transferable to and from other programs, enabling you to pursue a higher, or a specialized credential through one of our numerous affiliations with other learning institutions.
  • Representatives from Bombardier Regional Aircraft (deHavilland), Bombardier Transportation (Thunder Bay), Boeing Canada Technology Ltd. and Bristol Aerospace Ltd., participate on the Technical Advisory Committee for the program.
  • A great program reputation with many years of history
  • Friendly professors with industry experience and connections
  • Learn in our state-of-the-art Aviation Centre of Excellence.