Top Reasons to take the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician Program

  1. Great job prospects upon graduation. In the spring of 2007, the Program Coordinator was contacted by at least 8 different major companies desperately looking for AMET graduates.
  2. Good pay. Starting salaries of at least 40k. Some summer students have recently been paid at a 50k rate.
  3. CATIA training allows advancement into several different manufacturing areas.
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  4. Progression into management positions can easily be attained with experience.
  5. CNC training
  6. Composites training
  7. New, Modern Facilities - our world-class facility was opened in 2003.
  8. Aviation Synergy - since all three of our aviation programs exist in the same facility, you have a unique opportunity to get to know the people that will ultimately be flying and maintaining the aircraft that you may be designing or building. The potential to share, learn and make connections with aviation people coming from another perspective, could prove to be a valuable experience and resource both now and down the road.